Hi, I'm Paulo Rievrs!

I'm a web developer

A developer always excited with new technologies and always looking to learn. Currently I work with React and Express but I already worked with Laravel, React Native, Angular, and others



Laravel2 years ~ 3 years
Javascript2 years ~ 3 years
Typescript1 year ~ 2 years
React2 years ~ 3 years
MySQL2 years ~ 3 years
PHP2 years ~ 3 years
NestJS1 year ~ 2 years
Firebase1 year ~ 2 years
SASS6 months ~ 1 year
Angular6 months ~ 1 year
Docker6 months ~ 1 year
Java6 months ~ 1 year


Arctouch(Mar/20222 - Current)
  • Work with USA based clients, developing web applications using React and Express
Grupo MOV(Jun/2020 - Jul/2022)
  • An application that have more the 100 users. The main work flux is: the costumers create the service calls for the admin company and the admin user directs the service call for a tech and him goes to the place and makes reports that can be converted to PDF.
  • Also uptaded the projet for any company of forklift maintenance use. (SaaS)
Upflow(Jan/2022 - Jul/2022)
  • An aplication that a company can control their vacancy opened and the candidates that apply for the vacancy. The main work flux is: the company create the vacancy and the candidates apply for the vacancy and the company can see the candidates and the candidates can see the vacancies that they apply. Also there is a advanced filter to match the candidates with the vacancy.
  • The app controls since the creation of the vecancy, the applications, the interviews, the hiring (including contracts in the plaform) and the onboarding.
Teknisa(Dec/2020 - Sep/2021)
  • Development systems in Laravel and React
  • Creating a new project, creation the folder structure, defining standards of codes, pull requests reviews and teaching the new developers how to use the tools and frameworks.
  • Team work with agil development (Scrum and Kanbam).
Bernoulli(Sep/2021 - Mar/2022)
  • An aplication that provides for many schools the possibility to manage classes, grades, teachers and parents. With all the permissions to one see the above. The classes were uploaded by video and/or PDF.
  • Assistence in structuring of a new Laravel project, architecture creation, docker environment, classes standardization.